A Student Worldview Weekend

Contend 2015

January 1, 2, & 3rd

  • For Students
  • High School
  • College
  • Teaching
  • Understanding
  • Encouragement

Our Purpose

To equip high school and college students to understand the times and issues of the day in light of Biblical truth and how God would have us to live and respond.

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  • Why The Prosperity Gospel is a False Gospel
  • The Jesus of the Cults Versus the Jesus of The Bible
  • A Biblical Response to Pot, Gambling, Pornography, Abortion, & Doctor Assisted Suicide
  • The Dangers of Moralizing: Why Christians Should Not Attempt To Force Christian Values on to Unbelievers
  • How Hannah in I Samuel 2 Understood and Trusted In God’s Total Control, Rule, and Goodness and Why You Can Too
  • Growing Up in the Church But Not Saved: A Biblical Study of True and False Converts Through The Eyes of Samuel Chapter 3.
  • A Rocket Scientist Debunks Evolution
  • (By Test-Pilot And Real Rocket Scientist Jason Pratt)
  • Testimony of A Backslidden Atheist by Former Atheists Jason Pratt
  • How To Study The Bible in Context
  • Critical Thinking Skills That Disarm Evolutionists
  • The Bible Versus Millions of Years
  • Plenty of Question and Answer Time with Speakers

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Enjoy real southern barbecue at one of Brannon's favorite restaurants, Germantown Commissary.

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